Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Allspark event

The Allspark event
production note 5

behold! The Transformers, transform and roll out! the merchandise launch!

the Fun !
the laughter!
the toys!
the interactivity with Transfans
the show!
the event
never stops!!!

also the Transformers Philippines' monthly TRANSFANZINE ISSUE number 1 were given for FREE, on the same day we launch the official fanzine for PINOY TRANSFORMERS FANS and rebooted the issue back to 1 after giving away copies of the fanzine during the 2nd toycon.

congratulations to the people behind this amazing production, thanks to Transformers Philippines, Action Figure Philippines, Empire Licensing and SM Megamall for a super mega one of a kind, jam packed event.

it was a tiring day yesterday, acting as a one man band for organizing a Transformers event and also got 4 TV interview in a day and it was fun! it was the first time i got a lot of takes in the interview during the HERO TV and Kids on Q tv interview and I feel like a star! ahhaha

here are the pics, shot by the Gobot lover Mark Cerbo hahahahaha


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